The Pros & Cons of Quick Weaves

The Pros and Cons of Quick Weaves

Are you thinking about buying a quick weave? Why not? Quick weaves, much like wigs, and traditional sew-in weaves are a fantastic way to give yourself a versatile look without having to compromise or change your natural hair to achieve a particular style or a whole lot of time to get there.

What is a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is the process of bonding hair extensions to a thick weave cap. Typically, your stylist will have you don the weave cap on your head and wear it during the bonding process of the tracks. Ideally, the wig cap is put into place to protect your hair, scalp, and edges from the bonding product being used to apply the hair.  

Quick weaves allow you to use just about any hair extension texture or color you are in the mood for to achieve your perfect style. Short, curly, long or straight, your options are just about endless in the ream of quick weaves. 

Pros of Wearing a Quick Weave

Where are numerous advantages in deciding to wear quick weave that make them appealing.  Here are five reasons for you to consider.

Hair Installation Time

Quick weaves are a fan-favorite among hair connoisseurs because the hair installation process is quick and usually requires half the time it takes to install a traditional sew-in. Unless your stylist is falling behind in their schedule, you should not have to worry about spending too many hours in their chair with these styles.

Low Maintenance

Much like the traditional sew-in weave or lace front wig, quick weaves are low-maintenance. It will please you to know that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time in the mirror trying to manage this hair and they are amenable to the season.

Protective Styling Option for Naturalistas

Quick weaves are an excellent option for women seeking to give their natural hair a rest, sparing it from exposure to chemicals or heat. You hair is generally protected beneath that weave cap from the outside elements and day to day hair manipulations.


Quick weaves are also an affordable option for you if your budget has a few restrictions. Quick weaves have a price range of $40-$60 which is an excellent option if you are having to guard your coins but are not looking to sacrifice your looks. 

Easy to Remove

Unlike traditional sew-in weaves, quick weaves are easy to remove. In just a matter of 45-minutes to an hour of starting the removal process, you can be free of your quick weave.

Cons of Wearing a Quick Weave

The quick weave is not without its critics. This hair installation process has a bad reputation for triggering a few unwanted side effects. Of course, as with anything, poor results sometimes has a lot to do with human actions and errors.

Let’s take a closer look at four cons of wearing a quick weave.

Damaging to Your Hairline

The first con of wearing a quick weave is the risk that it can be damaging to your hairline, scalp, and hair. This damage often occurs when adhesive or hair glue comes into contact with your natural hair or hairline during the installation process.

Unfortunately, the contact between your hair, scalp, and adhesive is not always so evident until it is time to remove the quick weave. Ideally, you want to avoid allowing any glue to come into contact with your hairline or hair which means ensuring you are wearing the correct form of a quick weave cap.

Another trigger of hair loss or damage may occur if they are too tight or create tension on your scalp or hairline.


The quick weave has a shorter lifespan than the traditional sew-in. Therefore, if you are expecting to enjoy a lengthy wear out of this product, you may have to reconsider. Most quick weaves last for one month. With proper care, you can rock a sew-in weave for upwards of two months. This information is also essential if you are looking to invest in more expensive hair for your quick weave. It may be more reasonable to sit for the sew-in rather than a quick weave.

Products Damaging to the Hair Extensions

Products used to seal the hair can also damage it, ruining your investment. Hair extensions much like your hair are susceptible to collecting adhesives on the strands which can later contribute to clumping and poor quality.

Risk for Shedding

The hair wefts of your hair extensions have an increased risk for shedding due to the amount of cutting you or your stylist may have to perform to achieve the style.

What is the Best Hair for Quick Weaves?

The best hair for quick weave installation is virgin human hair. There are several affordable, low-cost hair bundle options for you to choose from to achieve the hairstyle you are seeking. Brazillian and Malaysian bundles are popular options for creating the perfect quick weave.

Again, you do not have to spend a lot of money on this hair nor do you have to sacrifice quality. Cal’E Qt Hair Beauty & Extensions offers affordable hair bundles for you to choose from to achieve your ultimate quick weave goals.

There you have it. Quick weaves can be fun and safe with proper application. Don’t be afraid to leap into the land of convenience and affordability to accomplish your next look. Always take action to protect your natural hair or relaxed hair beneath the quick weave by ensuring it is adequately hydrated and ready to withstand the process.

The hair beneath a quick weave can be susceptible to dryness if not adequately prepared before installation. Therefore, you always want to take steps to clean your hair, deep condition it and seal in moisture with a moisture-sealing oil like coconut oil or argan oil.  

Upon removing this hair, slow down to render a bit of care to your hair afterwards as well. Although you will not have manipulated your hair at all during the quick weave process, it will still need a bit of resuscitation.


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