Brazilian Body Wave Q&A

Our customers LOVE the Brazilian Body Wave Sew In! So much so that they have made it our #1 selling sew-in extensions.

No other curl pattern is more popular than the Brazilian Body Wave.

The styling options are endless! As soon as you open your package you will notice the hair does not have any weird smells. The body wave is bouncy and beautiful.

This hair lifts with ease! Customers will benefit from the quality of the virgin Brazilian Remy hair that has the cuticles facing down in the same direction to limit the chances of any matting or tangling.

The double stitch wefts hold the hair strands tightly in place to help limit shedding.

How many Body Wave bundles will you need for a sew-in?

There are a few factors that will help answer this. Most clients that want a bob style look will use (2) bundles with lengths 10″ – 12″.

A standard hairstyle with lengths 14″ – 20″ will use (3) body wave bundles. Once you start with lengths over 22″ then you will want to consider using (4) bundles to achieve a full look. If a client is using a body wave closure or body wave frontal they may need a little less hair.


Brazilian Straight Hair Q&A

Recently asked questions by visitors.

What grade of hair is the Brazilian Straight?

A: The Brazilian weaves are considered an 8A 100% human hair. You can apply heat and color just like your real hair.

Can I curl the hair?

A: You bet! The hair holds a curl very well. Wand curl these bundles and have bouncy curls. You can easily bring it back to straight with a flat iron.

My clients want to use the Brazilian straight hair for a sew-in but want it really long. How many weaves will she need?

A: If your client is considering lengths 24″ and above we recommend four bundles. If they are in the 30″ – 32″ then they might want to consider five bundles.

Can I color the straight Brazilian hair to a #27 honey blonde?

A: Yes. The hair colors very well and to a #27 without a problem. We suggest using salon quality hair coloring products for the best results.

If I wanted to do a straight bob what hair would I need and how many bundles?

A: Most of our stylists will use just two bundles for a bob with the lengths being between 10″ – 12.”

What is the color of the Brazilian hair? Will it match my hair?

A: The hair color is a natural 1B. If your hair is a little lighter or darker it can be dyed to match.

Does this hair tangle or shed?

A: We have had great results with the hair. The cuticles are all facing the same direction (Remy) so this limits any chances of tangling. All hair will shed weather on your head or sewn in. Because the bundles utilize a double stitch weft there is very limited shedding as you would expect from a great bundle of hair.

Do you recommend any other type of hair?

A: Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions are the most popular style of weave we offer.


Brazilian Deep Wave Extensions

The Brazilian Deep wave hair bundles are one of the more popular styles of weave. This curl pattern is fantastic looking both long and short. It is important to properly care for the Brazilian deep wave hair for multiple installations and longer life.

The double stitch machine wefts keep all the beautiful hair strands in place. This is very important for curlier textures of hair that tend to shed more than a straight hair bundle. Our clients do not experience issues with shedding or matting with these deep wave hair bundles!

Our deep wave hair extensions are available in lengths 10″ – 32″ with the most popular lengths being 16″ – 24″. When your clients order the longer lengths, they will almost always order (4) bundles and a deep wave closure.

Cal’E Qt Hair Beauty & Extensions also offers the perfect matching deep wave frontal. This hair does not have any quality issues such as shedding or matting. Our focus is 100% human hair products that you can trust!


Brazilian Kinky Curly Extensions

The most popular curly hairstyle! The Remy Kinky Curly hair will give you the natural look! Load up the bundles for a super-full hairstyle that will turn heads all day. Some clients will leave their natural hair out with this type of style and we also have the matching Kinky Curly closures and frontals for a fully protective style.

Our Kinky Curly hair extensions are full of body and super flexible to blend with most natural hair textures. No matter where you may fall on the natural hair texture spectrum, we’ve got you covered! These Kinky Curly bundles provide vibrant curls that are long-lasting and easy to care for and maintain. Yet the maintenance of kinky natural hair is generally more to do however it’s totally worth it! Have a spritz water bottle on hand and your favorite curl pomade that won’t weigh down the curls and get ready to look fabulous!

All of our hair extensions are Remy made with hair strands that have cuticles in line. This does wonders in helping to reduce tangling and matting.  Cal’E Qt Hair Beauty & Extensions currently offers human hair extensions only. Thoroughly double wefted, our hair extensions amount to reduced shedding ensuring every hair strand stays in place and remains durable.


Russian Blonde Body Wave Hair Extensions

The most reliable Russian Blonde body wave bundles you will find! We have had nothing but great compliments from our clients about these bundles. The color is perfection! Private Label Extensions offers the best blonde body wave that you will feel comfortable offering your clients.

Our beautiful Russian Blonde Hair extensions are one of our top sellers. Some Celebrity wig makers use the Russian Blonde Extensions to create their fabulous units. Our Russian Blonde extensions are full all the way through the bundles and are true to color. If you are looking for a full look with the Russian Blonde Hair Extensions we also offer Russian Blonde closures and Russian Blonde frontals. We recommend using two to three bundles for lengths 10″-18″ and anything after 18″ we recommend using three to four bundles.


Brazilian Spanish Wave

This wave pattern is hot! Similar to a deep wave but with a more defined curl. Many of the most popular Spanish Wave hairstyles can be achieved by using these extensions. Our matching frontal and closure will make the perfect wavy hairstyle combo!

Our Spanish Wave hair extensions offer the perfect wave pattern that is great for any season especially summer time. Rock these hair extensions to your favorite beach and maintain them with ease. These Spanish waves can be kept lively with the help of your favorite mousse. Switch up your hairstyles with easy manipulation and watch your wave pattern still remain the same.

All of our extensions are Remy made with hair strands that have cuticles in line. This does wonders to help to reduce tangling and matting. Cal’E Qt Hair Beauty & Extensions currently offers human hair extensions only. Thoroughly double wefted, our hair extensions amount to reduced shedding ensuring every hair strand stays in place and remains durable.


How Much Hair Do I Need For a Sew-In?

How many bundles of the Brazilian kinky straight hair will I need for a sew-in?  For lengths 16″ – 22″ most woman will use 3 bundles. Over 22″ we recommend using 4 bundles for a full head of hair. This also depends on the amount of “leave out” from the sew-in. Another factor would be if the customers are wearing closure or frontals.



3D Mink Eyelashes

 3D Mink Lashes

Mink 3D Lashes have a use life of up to 25 wears or more with proper care. These falsies are of the utmost quality. The lash is mink, and the band is constructed with a soft cotton. 

Cal'E Qt Hair Beauty & Extensions provides 100% 3D mink lashes that are sure to give a sexy, fun pop to finish over your look. Their variety in selection makes it easy to dress them up for a special occasion or dress them down for a day at the office.

Qt eyelashes can provide much durability with great band life allowing anyone’s lashes to thrive and get better with time for up to twenty to twenty-five wears.

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